Remote Troubleshooting

1. Remote Troubleshooting.  Remote doesn't turn on.
2. Remote Pairing.  Remote turns on, but is not connecting with the board.
3. Remote Calibrating.  Remote turns on, but the boards brakes are activated when the remote throttle is at rest in neutral.

1. Remote Troubleshooting.
If your remote is no longer sending signal to your board telling it to accelerate or brake, please follow the steps below, ensuring you are using fresh batteries to troubleshoot ;)
1. Install fresh batteries in the correct direction as depicted inside the remote.
2. Flick the remote switch to 'on'.  You should see a blue led at the top of your remote flash once every 5 seconds or so.

If your remote is still not causing the board to accelerate or brake, please follow the Remote Pairing process below.  If your remote is not showing any signs of life, you will need a new remote-

2. Remote Pairing.
Your controller and board have been paired before delivery.  Should you need to replace your controller for any reason, please follow the new pairing process

1. With the controller and board turned off, switch your controller settings to Beginner (aka turtle- under the battery cover) AND Low (on the side of the controller).

2. (Different for Juiced Singles/first gen & Juiced Duals)
  • (Juiced Singles, and First Gen boards)- Power the board on and Immediately press the rubber “binding” button with a pin, or sim card tool.  The power light on the board should go out.
  • (Juiced Duals)- Power the board on and then 1-2 seconds after, press the rubber “binding” button with a pin or a sim card tool.  The power light on the board should start alternating through Red, Green and Blue colors.
3. On the controller, hold the throttle in “STOP” position, and switch the power to “ON”.  Continue holding the throttle in “STOP” position until the board's power level indicator light starts rapidly blinking.

Your board and controller should now be paired!  If they are not, please go through these instructions again carefully.  The most common error is turning the remote on before step 3 :p

If for some reason you still can not get your remote to pair with your board, please contact

3. Remote Calibration.
Your remote comes calibrated from the factory.  In the odd situation, your remote may need to be re-calibrated if neutral position on your remote is activating the throttle or brake on your board.  This *can happen after a hard spill.

1. With the remote turned off, select speed settings turtle & low.

2. Push the throttle all the way towards 'Go' & hold it there.

3. Turn the remote on and wait for 10 seconds before releasing the throttle to neutral.

4. Turn the remote off and re-pair remote.

If this does not immediately fix the issue of the brakes being activated in the remotes neutral position, please go through the above instructions again. It can sometimes take a few tries :)

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