2018 Juiced Dual Upgrade Kit

Assembly Instructions

Remote Pairing

After turning your board on, *WAIT 2 seconds and then press the pairing button. The light will cycle through red, green and blue to signify it is ready to be paired.  Continue with the remote instructions to complete board/remote pairing.

Battery Level Indicator

The battery level is indicated by a glowing ring around the power button on the side of your board. The glowing ring will change color based on the amount of battery remaining. 

GREEN: 100% - 50% Battery Remaining
BLUE: 50% - 10% Battery Remaining

RED: 10% - 0% Battery Remaining

NOTE: When your board powers down and the battery indicator is RED do not continue resetting your board to keep riding with power. Kick your board like a regular skateboard to the nearest location to re-charge, or to your final destination.‚Äč


Being able to continue supporting you with warranty for your Juiced Board is incredibly important to us, as we are sure it is also the same for you.  Because this is an entirely new hardware update, your old parts will not work, and in most cases will cause damage to your new parts (specifically the Brain Box, Chargers, and Battery).  When you receive your new parts, we are asking for you to promptly send us proof of destruction of your old parts.  Please see the attached PDF for warranty instructions.


2018_Juiced_Dual_Upgrage_Kit_Warranty_Instructions.pdf 2018_Juiced_Dual_Upgrage_Kit_Warranty_Instructions.pdf

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