Battery Level Indicators (Updated)

The battery level is indicated by a glowing ring around the power button on the side of your board. The glowing ring will change color based on the amount of battery remaining. 

GREEN: 100% - 10% Battery Remaining
BLUE: 10% - 0% Battery Remaining

RED: 0% Battery Remaining

NOTE: When your board powers down and the battery indicator is RED do not continue resetting your board to keep riding with power. Kick your board like a regular skateboard to the nearest location to re-charge, or to your final destination.


Additional Battery Level Indications

Just before your battery is completely drained, your board will stop accelerating three times before powering down completely.  On each of these three times, you will need to return the throttle to neutral before the board will attempt to accelerate again.  You can extend this last bit of battery a little by giving the board a good rolling start, and accelerating gently.

After the board has completely powered down, return it to a charger to get all Juiced up again :)


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