Is water damage covered by warranty?

Simply put, water damage is not covered under warranty because the Juiced Board is NOT waterproof.

In general, skateboards and water don't mix and it should be avoided. We know that riding conditions are not always perfect and with that in mind we designed the Juiced Board to be highly water resistant. This means if you happen to get caught in the rain or the road is damp you can take comfort knowing that the critical components have been protected with a good level of splash resistance. 

Aside from the electrical components; your deck and wheel bearings are also susceptible to water damage. If water exposure does occur, make sure to thoroughly wipe down and clean your board before storage.

Many factors such as improper re-installation of the housing gasket or re-seating of the charging and USB covers can greatly affect the level of water resistance.

Our team put the board through its paces and can comfortably say it will handle most typical riding scenarios but if your bombing puddles or your board is submerged in water there is a chance that your internal components can be damaged by water and this is not covered by your warranty.

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