Can I fly with my Juiced Board?

The short answer is, Yes.  like Red Bull, Juiced board gives you wings... jk ;)
But yes, we worked hard to make sure that our batteries are under 100-watt-hours which conforms to the IATA (International Air Transport Association) & TSA regulations for lithium batteries on passenger airplanes. This is marked both on the battery itself and the plate on the bottom of your board. Airline regulations typically conform to the IATA guidelines but can vary by region.

Please Note: Airlines and airports will always make final decisions, but IATA & the TSA make it clear that under 100wh shouldn't be a problem.

Frontline Airline representatives are typically not highly versed in protocols surrounding lithium batteries and tend to be wary of shipping personal electric transportation devices. Here are a few tips though to make your travel goes smoothly. 

1. Remove the battery from your board.
Because your board can also freewheel, removing the battery makes your Juiced Board a regular skateboard. 
2. Place the battery and charger in your carry-on luggage.
Your loose battery is prohibited in checked luggage but you are allowed to take it as carry-on. In the US, the FAA also recognizes the charger as a battery and it must be carry-on as well.  

For customers traveling inside the USA, additional information can be found here:

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