Charging Your Board

  • Plug your charger into a wall outlet, and the other end to the board on the opposite side of the power button. 
  • There is a waterproof plug you will need to pull out of the charging port first. The light on the charger will glow red while the board is charging, and green when it is finished charging.  
  • At this point, the charger’s safety shut off kicks in, and only maintains the charged battery. Unplug the charger from both the board and wall when finished charging.
  • Return the waterproof plug back into the charging port nice and straight. Make sure the fit is snug and secure (this may require a little finesse).

Only use the Juiced supplied charger to charge your board. Failure to do so with void your warranty. If you misplace or damage your charger please contact support to obtain a new charger.

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